Our team here at Orthodontic Specialty Care is always seeking to enhance our patients’ experience and improve our service. We truly appreciate the trust that you have put in us and feel that you deserve the best.

In an effort to better serve you Dr. Brown has been searching for a way to expand our services. After much time and effort, Dr. Brown has found a partner that will enable us to serve you in a greater capacity.


It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Tony Paventy and Dr. Brett Brown are now partners and have formed Paventy & Brown Orthodontics.

Dr. Tony Paventy is a board certified orthodontist and completed his orthodontic residency at  the University of Oklahoma. He currently practices in Corvallis, Albany and Newport so his name may be familiar to you. Dr. Paventy is originally from the Northwest and has lived in Corvallis with his family since 2008. He is a sports fan and played lacrosse in college. Much like Dr. Brown, Dr. Paventy and his wife Angie have three young children that they love to spend time with.

We are extremely excited about our new partnership and the options and services it will allow us to provide. And you can still count on the same high level of service that you have come to expect from us.

While our name has changed, the faces won’t. You will still see Dr. Brown and his team. We will also add a few new faces to our clinical team to be able to provide more appointments on any given day. You will only see Dr. Paventy by request or possibly for emergencies.

This new partnership will enable us to provide full services in our Lebanon office as we add x-ray equipment. Because of this, we will be available more often in Lebanon for your convenience.

As always, Dr. Brown’s main office will be in Albany and you can expect the same exceptional service that you have come to know and love, with a few added bonuses. We have already seen a renovation of the Albany office, and we have more to come. Our team will now be in the Albany office to answer your questions more often as well. This partnership also provides the opportunity for patients to be seen in Corvallis, or even Newport.

In the Corvallis office we now have the equipment to offer 3D x-rays. This allows us to provide a service to our patients that we previously sent to Salem for a significant fee.

Our new website is located at PaventyBrownOrtho.com.  It will contain contact information for all four locations, as well as information about both doctors.

We, Paventy & Brown Orthodontics, look forward to a bright future serving you, your family and your friends. We thank you for all of your support and we are here to answer any questions you may have.


The team at Paventy & Brown Orthodontics