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Education Opportunity

For the past two years we have enjoyed helping LBCC’s dental assisting program.  It is a pleasure to help local students progress in their careers.  Some of the students that intern with us have been patients or know patients which is always fun.  It is summer again and this is when we have assistants from the LBCC program intern at our office.  We are pleased to have two wonderful assistants joining us this summer.  Shelby will be joining us first and then Julie.  They will be observing our team’s assistants, Andrea and Allysse and helping when appropriate.  Please let Deanna know at the front desk if you have any concerns about working with these assistants.  We take pride in being part of the future of local dentistry.



Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day.  Tell us why your dad is the best.

Fly your flags high today. Happy Flag Day!

Do you know the history of our flag?


Why is your dad the greatest?

Father’s day is coming up and we want to know why the father figure in your life is so great.  Write a note and put it on our Father’s day board in Albany or just post it here.


Who is graduating?

It is the time of year where graduation is upon us.   Dr. Brown and his team would like to congratulate all of those that are or have graduated this year.  It is a fantastic accomplishment.  We wish you all success in your future endeavors!

“It’s like my heart is a tooth, and it’s got a cavity that can only be filled with children.”  – Despicable Me

Happy Birthday Deanna!

Deanna, our wonderful appointment coordinator, just had a birthday and we want to wish her happy birthday.  If you come by today make sure that you wish her happy birthday too.